Thai Lottery Results Today Live 01 June 2022

Thailand Lottery Results in 01-06-2022 Today Evening 01 June: Thailand Lottery Results will be announced today at 02.30 PM. Those who are looking for Thailand Lottery results can find details about Lottery Winning Numbers on our website. GLO Thailand Lottery Full Details are Available Here. we all know it’s Thailand Lottery Results Time or Thailand Lottery Results Day today.

Thai Lottery Results for (16-05-2022  Live Result)

Thai Lottery Result 16-05-2022

This Day is anticipated by a growing number of people. You can win attractive prizes if you apply. Here is the Winner Sheet for all participants. Scroll down this page. Thai Lottery Scheme 2022 Full Details can Also Be Read. Players should check the updated winner sheet after results are announced.

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ผลสลากกินแบ่งรัฐบาล 1 กันยายน 2564 เวลา 14:30 น.

นอกจากนี้คุณยังสามารถตรวจสอบเคล็ดลับล็อตโต้ไทยกระดาษด่วนเคล็ดลับวีไอพีเลขนำโชคกระดาษ 4pc 1 สิงหาคม 2564 เมื่อจับรางวัลได้แล้วเราจะอัปเดตหมายเลขลอตเตอรีที่ชนะทั้งหมด ดังนั้นผู้สมัครรีเฟรชหน้านี้และดูผลการจับสลากประเทศไทยวันนี้ تھائی لاٹری 1 ستمبر ، 2022 کویت سٹی کے نتائج اس پیج کے ذریعے تقریبا 2 2:30 بجے ڈاؤن لوڈ کے لیے دستیاب ہیں۔

Thailand Lottery Result

<<Daily Installment For 01 June 2022>>

1st Prize 6,000,000 Baht Per Prize | รางวัลที่ 1 รางวัลละ 6,000,000 บาท


2 Last Numbers 1st Prize 2 Baht Each |เลขท้าย 2 ตัว 1 รางวัลๆละ 2,000 บาท


3 Page Numbers 2 Prize 4,000 Baht Each | เลขหน้า 3 ตัว 2 รางวัลๆละ 4,000 บาท

278| 302

Last 3 Numbers 2 Prize 4,000 Baht Each

458l 123

Side Reward 1st Prize | 100,000 Baht Per Prize

114474| 114476

2nd Prize | 200,000 Baht Per Prize

021133 110812 364025 466640 668798

3rd Prize | 80,000 Baht Per Prize

024868 103697 437506 446553 462989

781886 846745 874416 948530

4th Prize Have 50 Prizes | 40,000 Baht Per Prize

009264 010100 037422 039868 067617
083332 088719 120460 123569 125664
134591 142822 164717 213115 215622
217939 246554 260055 263972 274853
276755 332011 347084 376706 383165
394703 438695 450543 472185 472785
489578 498587 593183 604202 606220
626293 658782 691877 704525 730025
783072 796033 843347 881009 918080
954148 971610 971770 974202 993221

thai lottery online IMPORTANT NOTE (ผลลอตเตอรี่ไทย )

  • All winners of government lotteries have two years from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. State revenue will be remitted if it is past due.
  • Lottery for charitable purposes. The winner of the lottery has 10 years from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. You have missed the deadline. The State will receive it as state revenue.

Thai lottery king history on Facebook

On King Chulalongkorn’s birthday, the first lottery was conducted. A Royal Bodyguard Department lottery was approved and an Englishman named was appointed. Lottery Office to run European-style lottery under the direction of Mr. Alabaster.

Click here to download the PDF of the Thailand lottery results for 01-06-2022

Today is an important day for someone to achieve a dream. On this page, you can find the Thai Lottery Results for 01-06-2022 by going to the GLO website or by clicking the link below. The results will be posted here as soon as they are announced. Moreover, check the Thai Lottery Tips for 4 x 4 pamphlet, Thai Lottery Tips for online lottery game, and Thai Lottery Results of paper 1 and paper 2.

First Thai Lottery Winner for 01 June 2022

The viewers of the website will now have the possibility of viewing Thailand Lucky Lottery Numbers, Give Up Numbers 1/8/2022, Thai Lotto Results, Thai Government Lottery Online, Thai Lottery Today Guessing Numbers and More Information clearly. Listed below is the Thai Lottery Winning Number List for all past dates.

Thai Lotto PDF is available for download today, 01 June 2022. Therefore, applicants may now download the winning numbers sheet.

How to Claim Thai Lottery Prize Money 2022

Please bring the following documents to claim your prize

  • On the back of your winning lottery prize ticket you have signed your name
  • Identify yourself with your valid identification card.

If you would like to claim your prize, contact the Office of Prize Payments

Thai Government Lottery Office (Sanambinnam Branch), 359 Nonthaburi Road, Thasai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi, 11000.

  • We will only pay cash prizes of 20,000 Baht or less. Prior to receiving the prize in full, duty/tax must be paid.
  • A check will be issued by Krungthai Bank if the prize money exceeds 20,000 Baht. Prizes are calculated in NETT.

Claim your prize

  • General Inquiry in five minutes
  • Claim prizes within 15 minutes (no more than 10 tickets)
  • Claim the First Prize (For One Ticket) within 30 minutes
  • Prizes must be claimed within 48 minutes (not more than 1000 tickets)
  • (maximum of 2500 tickets) Within 2 Hours: Claim Prizes


Persons with physical disabilities may obtain services at counters that display a disability sign

In the event of a prize payment system breakdown, the service may take longer.

Pay your taxes

Withholding Tax Must be Paid on Prize Money at 1 percent.


Thais are very interested in playing the Thailand Lottery since it’s the only gambling game they’re allowed to play in Thailand. Thai lottery tickets are still organized using paper-based material, even though an electronic system is in use. Thai Lottery Tickets Can Also Be Purchased From Retailers And Agents. The Thai Lottery Ticket Winners receive a prize of 80 Baht.

There are two Thai lottery draws each month, on the first and sixteenth day. It is not necessary to choose six single digits when buying Thai Lottery tickets.

Lottery Buying Tips

Detailed Thailand Lottery Prizes 2022/ Paper Thai Lottery

Prize Quantity Value ( Baht )
1st 01 Number 6,000,000
2nd 05 Numbers 200,000
3rd 10 Numbers 80,000
4th 50 Numbers 40,000
5th 100 20,000
Additional Prizes that are Close to the 1st Prize and Have Related Numbers 2
Draw 02 times in the first three digits 2000 4,000
Three digits before the last one: Draw twice 2000 4000
Draw 1 for each two-digit number 10000 2000

  • Only the lottery winners will receive prizes
  • Lottery prizes must be reduced proportionally if they are not sold out.
  • Prizes must be claimed by holders within two years starting from the draw date.
  • In Thailand, the winner of the lottery prize is required to go to the office of the government lottery to collect the cheque.
  • You can obtain the prize in cash if it is less than 20.000 Baht.

Check Today’s Thailand Lottery Winning Numbers – Check Today’s Thai Lottery Results 2022

Lottery winners can find the details here. We have provided Thailand Lottery Results today’s direct links below. You can see Thai Lottery Today Results 2022 by touching the below links. When Thailand Aspirants have checked their results, they can proceed to the next step.

Generate government revenue by producing, distributing, and conducting lottery draws and paying out prizes

Contribute to the sustainability of society by promoting and supporting public good cause activities.

Developing the organization, its people, its products and services up-to-date, adopting methods of transparent management and addressing the needs of stakeholders and customers.

Government Lottery Office: A Historical Overview

Thailand’s Lottery Tickets Were First Issued in the Region Of King Rama V. At that time the King granted permission to the Royal Bodyguard Department to conduct a lottery to celebrate the King’s birthday in 1874. When the Sahathai Association first opened its office, it was located at the Concordia Building, now known as the Grand Place. It was a system that was based on that of Europe. Known as the Founder of the Thai Lottery, Mr. Alabasder is widely regarded as the founding father of the lotto.

According to the Government Lottery Act B.E 2517, and the Government Lottery Office Act B.E 2562, the lottery has been operated since 01 June B.E 2517. In Section 5, it is stated that the Government Lottery Office shall be established.

The Government Lottery Office will allocate proceeds received from the sale of lottery tickets in the following manner:

  • A prize pool of 60%
  • State revenue of at least 28 percent
  • Expenses on administration, including the proceeds from the sale of government lottery tickets, are not exceeding 12 percent, and sales discount is not exceeding 9 percent.

Thailand’s Government Lottery Office: Procedures for Issuing Awards

GLO invites experts from both public and private agencies, media representatives, as well as representatives from the people’s sector to witness the issuing of the 10 awards per draw.

Whenever awards are due, the department chairman gives them. The Steps to Follow When Issuing Awards

 Make sure the device is in good working order

Install the Wheel and Numbering Set 6 Digits

Make sure the reward issuance device is complete

Select colors representing second, third, fourth, and fifth prize positions

Win prizes with our prize wheel

Rubber Balls are picked up. Identification No of the Judge to Issue the Prize

Identify any foreign objects or objects on numbered balls

Risk of Picking a Rubber Ball by the Department Chair

Open the cartridge cover of the ball cartridge. This support prevents you from falling out of the front

All major nonsee awards were issued by the equipment rotation staff

Bringing the ball to a successful conclusion is the task of the chairperson

Took one digit at a time of the rubber ball serial no.

All awards must be completed at the center

The room where awards were presented should be shown to the committee and the public

How to receive prize money

Awarding Time

Prizes are ready to be awarded

Receive up to 10 copies of the prize money within 15 minutes

Tickets (A maximum of 10): Claim prizes

Receive 1st Prize ( 1 Lottery Issue) within 30 minutes

For 1 ticket, claim the prize (winners will receive the prize)

Receive no more than 1,000 prizes in 48 minutes

Prizes to be claimed (up to 1000 tickets)

Receive up to 2500 prizes in 2 hours

Tickets ( not to exceed 2500) to claim

The award process

Prize Redemption Procedure

  1. Contact the Information Counter to obtain a Queue Slip (Contact the Information Counter for a Queue Card)
  2. Payment of Taxes/Duty upon Receivement of Prize Money (Receive Money (Duty / Tax Applied))

Some Important Questions Regarding Thailand Lottery Tips and Results

The answer is YES, anyone can win the Thailand lottery

The Thai Lottery Draw takes place at what time?

Lottery GLO will start at 2.30 p.m. and will conclude by 4 p.m.

01 June Result Thai Lottery Winning Numbers / New Tips First Paper

After 3 p.m., we will publish the Thailand Lottery results. Candidate, please wait until you get your status of results. Results will be uploaded on this page as soon as they are available. As we are all aware, Thailand government holds a lottery draw every month. Updates about Thailand Lottery can be found here.

In addition to Thailand daily lottery results, candidates can also get the six-line Thailand lottery, Thai lotto results, and new Thai daily lottery results.

Facebook 100 Thai Lottery Kuwait City

Thai Lottery 2nd Paper Magazine, Thai Lottery 4pc Paper Magazine For 16/7/2022, Thailand Lottery Last Paper Magazine, Second Paper, How to Win Online Thai Lotto Draw is also available on our website for the above-listed items.

Please contact us if you have questions about the Thailand Lottery

Lottery Office of the Government ( Sanambin Nam )

Address 359 Nonthaburi Road, Tha Sai Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi-11000.

Steps in the Drawing Process

In each drawing, GLO invited 10 honorable guests from both the private and public sectors, as well as the media. A draw chairman oversees the drawing by following the steps below.

  • Members of the Draw thoroughly examine all equipment used in the Draw
  • During the draw, Chairman Randomly picks up one ball at a time (No 1 – 06), to position and equip each drawing set. He uses the Ladkrabang 6 set and the Number Wheel to do this.
  • The Draw Equipment is checked for readiness once all the Draw Sets have been installed. For all numbered wheels, the Chairman specifies a starting number.

Checks and Verifications

Authenticating a Winning Ticket

A ticket has a specific number on it

Numbers Verified: It is for the machine to verify the authenticity and to prove the prize has been paid

Computers and machines use the barcode to check the ticket’s authenticity and numbers. Barcodes are unique to each ticket.

Under the No’s in the English Text

Symbols can be either images or symbols.

Underlined English Text Mean

The numbers 1 through 9 are 0-1, 2-3, 4-7, and 8-EGT NIN ZERO TWO THREE FOR FIVE SIX THIR 9

ZER ONE TWO THR FOR FIV SIX SEV EGT NIN Official Thai Lottery Website

Thai Lottery Results For 16th July 2022 Period Will Be Announced Very Soon. Therefore, the public has access to your results via the links below.

All of you can download the Thailand Lottery Result today at 2.30 pm. The complete winner sheet with winning numbers will be provided within seconds.  

Buying Thai Lottery Tickets

Thailand Lottery Tickets Come in Two Varieties

TGL tickets are in the 1st category

Thai Charity Lottery-TCL Tickets are the second category.

GLO authorized retail outlets may sell Thai lotto tickets. Lottery tickets for Thai Lotteries are preprinted. There is no choice of numbers for lottery players

Numbers for Super VIP 3up Thai lottery result 2022

Watching the live Thai lotteries is now a very exciting experience. The winners must have their Ticket Number ready to verify whether or not they have won. Results of the Thai Lottery draw are going to be announced today. Therefore, all applicants should be prepared to find out the winner numbers on 01 June 2022.

Today’s Lucky Numbers for the Sixline Lottery

Here you can find Thailand’s lucky numbers in due course. Check Thailand Lottery Numbers for Give 3up and Next Draw. Every month, there are lots of people who win prizes. It’s also a good day for some to win attractive prizes today.

Lottery in Thailand

Today’s Thai lottery drawing will take place. Finding winning sheets and tips for the Thai lottery 3up is popular with people of Thailand. Within A Short Time, We Will Bring You 100% Updates On Thai Lotto Today, Thai Lotto 12, Thai Lotto 1234, Thai Lotto 1024, Thai Lotto 1024, Thai Lotto Paper, Thai Lotto King, Thai Lotto Ok free

Result list for Thailand’s lotteries

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Here is the Thai Lottery Winning Sheet for today’s drawing in 2022

Thai Lotto Results in July, Thai Government Lottery Online, Thai Lottery Today Guessing Numbers and Other Details Can Now Be Viewed Clearly by Participants.

How to Check Thai Lottery Result

Visit the Official Web Portal

Or Direct Link Given Below and Above

This is the page that will appear on the main menu

The first option will appear on July 1 for the government lottery results

Click on the Award Certificate Check option to complete the process

Thai Lottery Today Result Live Online Installment

Prize results can be found at Lottery Freeze. Using the Year, Daily Installment, Lottery Number, and Set Wise, you can check the attached lottery numbers. This page contains daily updates on 16/7/2022 for Delay Payment Installment / 543.

<<Reward Payments Check By Lottery No By Below Link>>


Check the Number of Freeze Lottery

Thai Lottery 3D 2D Game Results DATE Wise Daily Check Below Table

17 Feb 2022    
14 Feb 2022 244 35
13 Feb 2022 354 09
8 Feb 2022 477 67

Bangkok Bingo Results (TH) Check Below Table

17-02-2022 20414 0414 414 20
15-02-2022 14335 4335 335 14
14-02-2022 13123 3123 123 13
13-02-2022 13149 3149 149 13

Bangkok Weekly Lottery Results in Today

DATE 2022-03-05 Result in in Bangkok Lottery

5th March 2022 610 84




378609 84 378611

6 BALL 378610
3 BALL 610
2 BALL 84

DATE 2022-02-26 Result

26 February 2022 163 68




567162 68 567164


 Various Internet sources were used to compile this article for information purposes only. No Lottery Numbers or Tickets are sold by us and we are not involved in any gambling. Miscommunications or mismatches in information are not our responsibility. Please note that this is not an official website. Visit the official website for more information.

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