Teer HIT Numbers Today Common No to win Teer

The teer common numbers are updated daily to find out your hit for today. The equation used in this calculation is a number prediction formula that has been around since the early 1900s, and it can’t be beat!
A quick Google search on “teer HIT” will give you results from many different sources looking at how often people get their predictions correct when they use these formulas correctly each day of their lives which include both personal successes as well as failures so we’ll take some time here telling what works best but first let me explain why exactly any individual might want such information about themselves.

Today’s Date : 11/October/2021

Shillong HIT Numbers

Shillong Teer Hit Number Today
Date : 11-10-2021
Direct House Ending
25, 57, 78, 82, 27, 58 2 5
72, 85, 87, 75, 52, 28 8 7


Juwai HIT Numbers

Juwai Teer Hit Number Today
Date : 11-10-2021
Direct House Ending
93, 35, 52, 29, 59, 32 9 3
95, 23, 25, 53, 39, 92 2 5

Common Number Formula :

Say, the First Round result of last night was PQ and their second round pick is LM.

  • Teer Formula to calculate a common number = P+M and L – Q
  • In this way you will get a hit number .
  • Teer Formula to calculate another common number = M-P & M -Q/P or M + Q/P .
  • Thus you will get another hit number.

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