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Thai Lottery Result 01-12-2022 Today Live Win Thailand Lottery

Thai Lottery or Thailand Lottery is One Of Only Two Forms of Legalized Gambling Permitted in Thailand, that played in the Saudi Arabia and Other Being Horse Racing in Bangkok.Thai lottery results will be announced at 12:15 PM today 01 December according to Saudi Arabia time. The Live Draw of Thai Lottery or Thailand Lottery Will be Began From 12.00 PM to 12.30 PM.

Thai Lottery Results for ( 01-12-2022 Live Result)


Thai Lottery Results Today Live 01 December 2022

The latest Government lottery result in Thailand is to be declared on 01 December 2022. Thailand’s official national lottery is administered by The Government Lottery Office (GLO). It is basically stated earning posture as Government lottery Office (GLO) also called Head office, pocketing 28% of lottery profits for state use. Around 19.2 of 67 million Thai people played the Thailand Government lottery, spending 76 billion baht (US$2.3 billion) billion baht (US$2.3billion). Thailand Lottery Result

Thai Lottery 3up Number Tips Formula

In order to win at the Thai Lottery Results, you just need a little bit of luck. That may be difficult for some people to believe, but the Thai Lottery is one of the easiest Lottery on earth to win. There are several strategies that help you increase your odds dramatically; I’ll be showing you my lottery formula which won me over $1,000,000 (In fact I won so much money that it put my current job in jeopardy). While it’s true that most foreign lottery players don’t perform as well as they would like, the reason is simple: they don’t follow correct principles. The thai lottery is a numbers game & it takes time and effort to build up the winning numbers that fit your ticket. This ebook on Winning-Thai-Lottery teaches you how to play wisely, look for opportunities and work magic through diligent work and preparation paid off with good results

Thai Lottery Win Number

In Thailand, many people play the lottery and dream about winning one million baht. The truth is that it’s not a difficult process to win but there are some simple steps you need to take before entering your numbers for the next draw: The Thai Lottery has several different draws throughout each month with specific rules which must be followed in order to release accurate information on when tickets will expire or if they have already expired from past draws; players can check here When purchasing these types of products at convenience stores make sure you bring exact change back as someone might try scamming buyers out front cashier desk – always look around first., follow our website thai lottery with each draw and we will make sure you have lucky numbers. you can Also check Lunchtime results number and Uk49s Predictions

Thai Lottery Results 01-12-2022

Thais are very interested in playing the Thailand Lottery since it’s the only gambling game they’re allowed to play in Thailand. Thai lottery tickets are still organized using paper-based material, even though an electronic system is in use. Thai Lottery Tickets Can Also Be Purchased From Retailers And Agents. The Thai Lottery Ticket Winners receive a prize of 80 Baht.

Thai lottery Results 3up Digits 

Thai lotteries are great ways to spend your free time! If you love playing the lottery but have never had any luck with it- here is some information that may help. First of all let me say this: when searching for Thai Lotto Results online or in newspapers always make sure they’re current as these will affect what numbers get drawn next week’s end result game on 01 December 2022 In order words, if there was an updated version available within 24 hours after 01 December then check back again later because 3up range could be different than usual.

Thai lottery Tips and Magic Formulas 

Thai lottery is a game that many people play. If you want to stay updated about thai lotteries results, then make sure and check out our website for timely updates on all things related! We’ve got a special team of specialists who are always on the lookout for new lottery opportunities. We monitor all lotteries around the globe, including samba and countrywide prize bonds; however, our favorite one to watch is that lottery since we can share information with you about it before anyone else! The only thing better than winning money? Knowing how much your ticket costs–especially if they offer other cool prizes too 🙂 When I heard there were different types. You will never see any garbage and trash cloth on Thai lottery. We put those sort of facts that is natural and match and make assist for the gamers to win thai lottery

Thai Lottery Facebook 3up Formulas

As i advised, we are here to tell you about thai lottery facebook real magical tips. Thai lotteries can be quite tricky and mysterious but that does not mean they don’t have strategies! There’s a whole gamut of possibilities for winning combinations in the Thailand Lottery; each prize-winning range has its own secret formula pointers which will help increase your chances at getting lucky with just one number on October 1st – 3 up variety system recommendations guaranteed to get an excellent result every time from now until 2025 2/5 If I were going into my first experience playing this game then would probably want to avoid picking numbers such as 2 or 11 since they’re considered unlucky by many people who play on 01 December  2022.

Thai Lottery VIP Tips Hold Winning

It’s no surprise that the Thai lottery is one of Asia’s most popular games. It’s also not surprising how many people want to get in on this lucrative opportunity, but what are some ways you can go about doing so? If your goal is simply winning money then there might be an easier way! I’m going over my favorite insider secrets today which will help me show off and share with readers everything they need for success when playing thai lotteries or other types of countries’ draws like Canada Lotto 649 – even if someone else has won already before!. Successful gamblers know all too well: sometimes waiting doesn’t make sense because inevitably. today we’ve got talked about the VIP lotto tip and other related formulas that are hold all triumphing hints and hints, particularly for now day’s occasion.

Thai Lottery OK  Win Tip with 3up and Magic Formula

If you want to get the most out of your trips, then we have some advice for how best spend those free Thai Lottery tickets. It is always important that once in a while let yourself go and enjoy something without thinking about what will happen next or trying too hard – just take an hour or so off work! But if there’s one thing our society loves even more than efficiency its variety; which means when given two options between “stay home” and playing games online like thai lottery (, choose wisely because chances are good someone somewhere will come up with another great idea along the way.

Thai Lottery 3up Winning Formulas

Thai Lottery Tips and results charts for the coming end result on 01-12-2022 . Our site has updated all Thai lottery vip tips 3up winning suggestions and Thai lottery variety charts for all players that want to win the live lottery outcome. We provide detailed information about 3up’s lottery bonuses and their end results in this submit. The Thailand lottery announced the final results on two occasions in the month (first and middle). Since those 3up guidelines only work prior to a draw, we update all hints and Thai Lottery Paper formulas before releasing the final Thai Lottery Sure Number results. For those who are seeking the latest Thai lottery 3up results on 01 December   2022, it’s the right time to use the elegant Thai lottery 3up guidelines.

Thailand Lottery | Thai Lottery Legalized

The Thai lottery is one of only two forms of legalized gambling in Thailand. The other is horse racing in Bangkok. There is one thing I want to add to this. The game is legal in Thailand. Thai lotteries pay close to 60% of their winnings. Thai government lotteries are governed by The Government Lottery Office Act BE 2517, which is in harmony with Thailand’s GLO Act.

Thai Lottery Ticket Fix Price

Currently, the government sets the price of a lottery ticket at 80 Baht, and it will not exceed that price. Only pairs of tickets are sold. Each ticket costs 80 baht, and the pair costs 160 baht.

Thai Lottery History

As a little history lesson, it was first published in 1868. On the occasion of King Chulalongkorn’s birth, the Thai lottery was first established. He also appointed an English man for the purpose of operating the lottery & approved it. To operate a European-style lottery, Mr. Alabaster will be the director of the lottery office.

Thai Lottery Ticket Wholesaler To Retail Vendor

Wholesalers, also known as brokers, sold tickets for the government lottery. Brokers also sold to 14760 registered retail vendors who directly sold to the public. Under a scheme to reduce the high cost of Thai lottery tickets, Thai lottery vendors will soon be able to purchase Thai lottery tickets directly from GLO. However, only certain banks are authorized to conduct direct purchases. For payment of their purchases, vendors have to register with the GLO first. As of 01 December 2015, the new arrangement goes into effect. A pair of tickets costs 70.40 baht and you can purchase between 5 and 50 books from the vendors. These books contain 100 tickets. Still, the price drop is unlikely to make much difference.

Thai Lottery Five Tigers Myth

It is expected that 7-8 million more lottery tickets will be available under the new scheme. Brokers called the “five tigers” for their monopoly and heightened prices were blamed by the Thai public. They argued tigers only eat and sleep. In failing to dispel this myth, the GLO maintained that five groups were in control of government lottery ticket distribution to local vendors across the nation.

Thai Government Lottery Tickets

As shown by the findings, Thailand was misled about the existence of “five tigers,” and that there are many more than five, with the most important being the GLO Foundation, a special mechanism to monitor charitable donations. The Thai Government Lottery has been printed 74 million times since 2014, and 22.74 million or 30.7% of them have been distributed to 10 organizations. There are 9,213,500 tickets available for the GLO Foundation.

Prize Quantity Value ( Baht )
1st 01 Number 6,000,000
2nd 05 Numbers 200,000
3rd 10 Numbers 80,000
4th 50 Numbers 40,000
5th 100 20,000
Extra Prizes that is Related and the Numbers are Closest to 1st Prize 2 100,000
in First 3 Digits: Draw 02 Times 2000 4,000
In Last Three Digits: Draw 02 Times 2000 4000
In Two Digits: Draw 1 Times 10000 2000
  • Only the lottery winners will receive prizes
  • Lottery prizes must be reduced proportionally if they are not sold out
  • Prizes must be claimed by holders within two years starting from the draw date.
  • In Thailand, the winner of the lottery prize is required to go to the office of the government lottery to collect the cheque
  • You can obtain the prize in cash if it is less than 20.000 Baht

Thai Lottery and its Types

There are two types of Thai lottery tickets. The first is the Thai Government Lottery (TGL). On the left-hand side of the ticket are two titles: the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) ticket and the third title is the Thai National Lottery (TNL) ticket.

Thai Lottery Winning Prizes Of (TCL) and (TGL)

Thai Government Lottery (TGL) first prize is 6 Million Baht and bonus prize is 30 Million (*), but the bonus prize has been eliminated by the military government since 1 August 2015, and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) first prize is 3 Million Baht. Among the prizes: five can be won for 100,000 baht, ten for 40,000, fifty for 20,000, one hundred and fifty for 10,000, and a 50,000 for the six-digit winning number plus or minus 1.

Thai Lottery 2022 Claiming of Prize Money

To Claim the Prize Please Bring the Following 8th Documents.

  • Winning Lottery Ticket With Your Signature On the Back Of Lottery Ticket
  • Your Valid Identification Card.
  • Prize Claiming Duration
  • 5 Minutes: General Inquiry
  • 15 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 10 Tickets )
  • 30 Minutes: Claim the First Prize ( For 1 Ticket ),
  • 48 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 1000 Tickets)
  • 2 Hours: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 2500 Tickets)
Note: Physically-Challenged Person May Receive the Service At a Counter With Disability Sign

Thai Lottery Result Live Televised And Confirm Result Timings

The lottery draws are broadcast via National Broadcasting Services of Thailand and Spring News on the first and sixteenth of each month starting at 15:00 on Spring News and 14:30 on NBT. The drawings are also broadcast on Radio Thailand Domestic Service. The draw was also simulcast on Tahirih TV beginning at 14:00 in 2016. Just before 16:00, the winning numbers are announced. A report is on the website of the Government Lottery Office. Important Note For Thai Ticket Holders For Claiming Prize There is a two-year time limit for claiming prizes. If a prize is not claimed by that date, it will be remitted to the state as unclaimed revenue. Each lottery retailer has the right to charge a commission of 1 or 2 percent of gross winnings from the 20,000 baht prizes. When the prize amount exceeds 20,000 baht, a cheque will be issued to the winner and the ticket holder at the government lottery office in Nonthaburi.

Thai Lottery Claim Prize Period

Prizes can be claimed within 10 years of winning the lottery. If it is Past Due. It Will be Remitted As State Revenue.

Thai Government Tax Percentage

In acknowledging the Thai lottery briefly, it is worth mentioning that prize winners are required to pay withholding tax at a ratio of 0.50% on the Thai Government Lottery and 1% on the Thai Charity Lottery. The Thai government urges the division of the revenue and percentage to be allocated.   Thai Lottery GLO Act In accordance with the GLO Act, the proceeds received by the GLO from the sale of lottery tickets shall be distributed as follows:

  • 60% as prizes
  • not less than 28% as state revenue
  • not exceeding 12% as expenditure on administration inclusive cost of sales: 9% for the cost of sales and 3% for administrative costs

Thai Lottery Charity Funds

4 Million Baht generates by this lottery each year for the charity Thai Red Cross.

Thai Lottery Membership

In addition to its membership in the World Lottery Association, it is also a member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA).

Who Play More Thai Lottery?

It’s a real fact that women play the lottery more than men.

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